About Me


Hey, what’s up, guys!

My name is Chase and I am the Founder of WavyWatches

It is my goal as the founder of this website to help people to find the perfect watch that meets their needs, budget, and style. I have been collecting watches for over 14 years now. I am in the process of spreading my knowledge of watches to you guys because it is something I really enjoy doing and it is my goal in life to share and help others as much as possible.

Oh, and…I am also a certified watchmaker.

I have been a certified watchmaker for over ten years and I love doing what I do because I am helping people by restoring their watches and when they finally get their watches back, they are truly appreciative. The feedback from customers is great and if I can help people save money on their watch repairs, then that’s even better!


Also…I am an avid reader.

I have always loved reading books and learning about new things. Most of the time, I am spending my free time reading a book on whatever I am interested in. I believe that books help people learn, grow, and become better human beings. Reading has been one of my top hobbies and it gives me the opportunity to learn about many different topics and sometimes, even be inspired by a good book.

What kind of watches do you recommend on this website?

I only choose the best watches for my viewers because if I choose poorly, then I would not be able to meet their expectations. I choose only the best watches because I know that my viewers would not want to read a review about a lousy watch. That is why I always aim to be the best and serve only the best.

So…if you are searching for a review about the best watches, then you are in the right place! 🙂


I have reviewed over fifteen different brands of watches including Invicta, Seiko, Casio, Hamilton, Michael Kors, Philip Stein, Fossil and Citizen.

The reviews are written to help people make an informed decision when they are shopping for a new watch.

My website has all of the information you may need, so please check back with us as frequently as you can!

I will be updating the site frequently and my goal is to always provide helpful info and reviews on watches for everyone in order to better serve those who visit my site. I welcome everyone to share their opinions, ideas, or advice about watches with me.